just dropped in -expo groupe -ausstellung -exhibition

the exhibition “just dropped in” is a group show with artists from different european countries. the thing most of them have in common is that they have met in bars, had exhibitions there, worked there, performed there, painted walls, designed the interior or just have been in the right place at the right time…

the place where all these people meet to install an exhibition is the gallery of the squatted industry building “l´amour” at bagnolet -north of paris.

it is an art project and noncommercial gallery run by a group of artists

@ https://www.facebook.com/24MOLIERE?fref=ts

Horaires d´ouverture

Jeudi 9 juillet Vernissage :   18.00-22.00h Performance de Susa Luis :   19.30-20.00h 20.30-21.00h 21.30-22.00h Dimanche 12 juillet Brunch :         12.00-22-00h

Jeudi 16 juillet  Finissage :      15.00-22-00h Performance de Susa Luis :   19.30-20.00h